mardi 28 décembre 2010

Zionism’s evil banking system will soon be a thing of the past

That political realism is a more intelligent philosophy than neo-conservatism, (Wilsonianism with teeth,) was successfully demonstrated by John J Mearsheimer in 2005.
But the founder of modern political realism, Hans Joachim Morganthau, did not correctly judge the evil effects of Zionism in world politics.
Of all earth’s nations, Israel is now the most racist, and the fact that its apartheid politics are supported by the US regime, Democrat or Republican, is the proof that America is nothing but a puppet of the Zionist lobby which controls the imperialist banking cartel. (Obama’s financial advisers work for Goldman Sachs I seem to remember reading somewhere.)
And there is no crime that the cartel is not prepared to commit to achieve its aim of world domination, even if it means using the US military might to start a war, bring the countries they have encouraged to become debt ridden to the brink of collapse, and impoverish their people to the point of starvation.

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And the brainwashed American citizens, a growing number of whom are now impoverished because of the US war agenda, naively believe that their side is the only good one, and that anyone who doesn’t think like they do is evil. However there is nothing civilized about American unscrupulous behavior towards the rest of the world. Do civilized people commit massacres like My Lai in Vietnam, treat prisoners like the US did in Abu-Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo, commit cold blooded murder of innocent civilians wherever their armies go, without forgetting the sons of Saddam Hussein who weren’t given a fair trial before they were assassinated ? Of course not. Americans are not civilized, and the fact that they preach to the world that everyone should accept their corrupt way of doing things while pretending to be the good guys, makes them hypocrites as well.

It must first be clearly understood that anti-Zionism has nothing whatever to do with anti-antisemitism. As the true Torah Jews can testify.

There will never be peace in the middle east because where there is no JUSTICE, peace cannot be obtained. Now that Obama has agreed to let the illegal West Bank colonization continue, and allow a martyred Palestinian people, already depossessed of the land where their ancestors have lived for thousands of years, to suffer continued injustice, the blood shed will continue ad infinitum. The pathetic efforts of American presidents to seek a peace solution will always fail, because the Zionists, who have no intention of ever allowing the creation of a Palestinian state and want to increase the size of Israel to include all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates, rule the roost in Washington where the President of the USA, (normally a Freemason like the founding fathers,) obeys the rules or gets bumped off.

Unfortunately, with the world resources in the ecological red, a struggle to obtain what rests of them is resulting in new alliances being formed to combat NATO’s aggressive conduct in the East. Therefore Israel’s crimes will not necessarily go unpunished in the long run, and neither will those of its backers, who have been plotting a war against Iran, North Korea, and maybe even Venezuela since George Bush’s day. For quite apart from the Shanghai Co-operation Organization, which plans to outsmart rather than fight the Americans, there is the Syrian five seas policy which will make any attempt to attack Iran all the more risky.

The European people are mostly hostile to American politics and desire to forge closer links with Eastern nations, like Russia, China, and India, in spite of the US stooges which rule our countries. (In France we have Sarko the American, Dominique Strauss-Kahn the IMF chief, Christine Lagarde the finance minister, and Bernard Kouchner the ex foreign minister.) We are also plagued by the banking cartel whose chiefs in Europe are members of the Rothschild family. De Gaulle’s successor worked for the Rothschilds, and passed a law which obliged France to borrow from private banks at a higher interest rate than its own Banque de France, which would have cost next to nothing. It is one of the tricks used by the Zionist’s cartel. Encourage debt and then benefit from the problems it causes. That and manipulating the markets like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America etc. do in the USA, the net result of which is lack of growth and the impoverishment of the common people.

So what is presently happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which now involves the traffic of heroin to provide the capital needed to boost the American economy along with arms sales, will eventually lead a forced withdrawal when Vladimir Poutine stops playing games with the NATO leaders, and China, which is now busy buying the European countries’ debts and forming new friendships all round the globe, decides to get tough with the US allies, who may not include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia very much longer.

Iran is one of the few countries over which the the Zionist banking cartel has no hold whatsoever, and its ties with the SCO as a major oil exporter on the way to becoming a major force in the middle East, makes it a country that no one dares attack. (It doesn’t need to possess nuclear weapons, as the provocative American propaganda tool Wikileaks suggests.) Hopefully this, together with the Chinese calm, friendly, and peaceful approach to international problems will cool the Americans' ardor in a conflict they wouldn’t be able to win, in spite of their impressive military arsenal.

The American taxpayer will be footing a bill of 600 billion dollars a year in interest on their national debt (nearly 14 trillion dollars) by 2012. Since a significant portion of this will go to China, it is it is clear that the Zionist banking cartel is losing its grip on the world economy. Why the Chinese are buying a 20% stake in Rothschilds Bank. in Europe. The Rothschilds in dificulty? Unthinkable. The USA and its corrupt Zionist banking system, including the World Bank and the IMF, which will use every dirty trick in the book to stay afloat, seems to have finally met its match.

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