jeudi 30 décembre 2010

The pharmaceutical industry is playing its part in putting the human race and the world in peril

It should be obvious to everyone that the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is only interested in making a profit, needs lots of sick people to thrive. Healthy people don’t buy medicines, and therefore there is an urgent need to produce as many sick people as possible across the world, so that a maximum of medicines can be sold at the highest price.

Faced with this undeniable fact, it is hardly surprising that corruption has produced a medical Mafia, whose sole object is to bribe the doctors into prescribing medicines, whether or not they are applicable to the pathology in question, so that a maximum of profit can be made. Working together with the World Health Organization, whose members are on the industry’s payroll, the Mafia, which has the backing of the World Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation, has no trouble monopolizing health care, given that the Food and Drug Administration does not do its job correctly, and any form of alternative safer medical practices are condemned and even made illegal.

Nothing must stand in the way of big business. The doctor’s patient (whether or not he is really sick) is nothing more than a commodity to be exploited. Whether he or she lives or dies is totally irrelevant, just as long as a maximum of profit is made before the arrival of the undertakers. As for how the bribes are distributed ($5000 or more for each doctor,) they take the form of perks, such as paid holidays, cars, etc.

Getting children hooked on drugs is part of the medical Mafia’s strategy. Joseph Biederman, the Harvard child psychiatrist advises using anti-psychotic medicines on children, especially in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Recent fraudulent marketing charges against the world’s leading pharmaceutical giants have led to massive fines. But President Obama believes that fines alone are not enough. Those responsible should also be sent to prison. In 2005, Pfizer, Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline and Novartis even faced genocide charges at the International Court for preventing life saving natural alternatives to drug based treatments from being applied in prevention and cure. Worldwide disinformation by these companies is said to have caused millions of deaths.

The FDA is a toothless organization. No one tests the results of the Pharmaceutical company’s tests, which means it is little more than a partner of the latter’s unscrupulous activities. One would have thought that after the Thalidomide case in the early sixties, all involved would have learned their lesson. Unfortunately where money is concerned that is wishful thinking. They couldn’t give two hoots for deformed children. They continued their unethical work as if nothing had happened.

Apart from doing all it can to encourage preventable illness, the Mafia produces contaminated vaccines. The WHO reported that unpurified vaccines containing toxins and bacteria were given to children. For example Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines had been found to contain the chicken leucosis virus, and there are researchers who suspect that the Polio vaccine may have been contaminated by HIV. Lets not forget that US bio-warfare research, which seeks to create agents that can destroy the human immune system, may be responsible for AIDS. These cruel people do their research on monkeys, which are supposed to have passed the HIV virus to man.

A US report states that 50.5% of drugs introduced between 1976 and 1985 had to be relabeled because of adverse side effects. (Heart, liver and kidney failure, birth defects, blood disorders, respiratory arrest, seizures and blindness.) According to the FDA 1.5 million Americans were hospitalized in 1978 as a consequence of taking drugs, and 30% received further complications during treatment. 14,000 Americans die each year due to drug taking, one out of seven hospital beds being taken by people suffering various side effects. Where dietary supplements are concerned erroneous information was given to patients and doctors, and the damage claims are starting to bring down firms like Bayer. The largest investment industry on earth is being crippled, and the money paid in damages has to be recuperated as quickly as possible.

The medical Mafia has therefore no alternative. Healthy people have to be made ill. There is no profit in healthy people, so everything possible has to be done to make people drug dependent. Lobbyist around the globe go into action. Minor ailments, (nothing a good dose of vitamin C couldn’t cure,) are diagnosed as something more serious. Life saving information for millions of people is being with held. And natural health therapies are either discredited or banned. High cholesterol is not a disease, it is a question of dietary regulation. But everyone whose blood test reveals a high amount of bad cholesterol is prescribed a treatment, whose side effects can be little short of catastrophic. There are also safer ways of curing depression and stress than gulping down tons of benzodiazepines.

To sum up. We live in age of medical fascism when 20 million people a year are prescribed unnecessary anti-biotics. When unnecessary surgical procedures amount to 7,500 a year. When there are more deaths caused by conventional medicine than those caused by heart disease and cancer. And especially when viruses created in laboratories can be released on the world, with the purpose of selling hundreds of millions of vaccines.

The influenza virus A/H1N1 is such a case. Containing genes in its ARN from three different viruses which nature didn’t put together, this particular swine flu escaped, (accidentally on purpose) from a laboratory in Mexico. Expected to kill millions of people all over the world, the medical cartel, which wanted to create a situation similar to the Spanish flu pandemic at the start of the twentieth century, was rubbing its hands with glee. An ineffective vaccine Tamiflu had already been created and was sold by millions of doses when the WHO announced a serious pandemic. But the flop could not have been more total. Thousands more people die each year of ordinary flu than did because of A/H1N1.

In France, where the President’s brother advises the pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis which produced the vaccine, the government bought 90 million doses for 60 million people. The other European countries bought a lot less, and the Russians, having smelt a rat, bought none at all. What the French media campaign had insisted would kill 30,000 people ended up killing an hundred or so, after a small number of brainwashed people had been vaccinated. Although a billion Euros of taxpayers’ money had been thrown down the drain, it is certain that those in power in France did not come away empty handed. Sarkozy’s latest project is curing Alzheimer’s disease, and 60 million Euros has been accorded for research. With all the financial scandals we have here at the moment involving high ranking politicians, one is doubtful that those who suffer from this form of senile dementia will be the beneficiaries.

Quite apart from the idea of an intelligent pill containing a nano-chip capable of diagnosing and treating the illness in the best possible way, there is the vaccine to do something even more terrifying. The realization that there are too many people on this world (a major cause of global warming!) has led to the conclusion that a genocide will be necessary in order to save the race (that is to say the richest people on the planet) from extinction.

The philanthropic Bill Gates, armed with the fascist philosophy of eugenics, has decided that children (especially the worthless ones in black Africa and other poor countries) should be vaccinated so that as adults they become sterile. Backed by the world’s most evil man, (David Rockefeller I think he is called) the Microsoft genius, together with Warren Buffet, intends to reduce the world’s population, and at the same time eliminate all the harmful human ‘pollution,’ whose very existence is putting the earth in peril. Bravo Bill! Like that you’ll reduce the risks of there ever being another black president.

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