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The real reason for the Afghan war

The Taliban had almost eradicated the cultivation of the opium poppy, presumably for religious reasons, in 2001. The NATO forces have now allowed the production to reach its highest ever level, and its only role in Afghanistan is to protect that production and to facilitate the heroin traffic. The huge sums of money generated by the export by military aircraft of the drug is secretly managed by the CIA. It is of the result of Bush’s preprogrammed war using the carefully planned mining of the World Trade Center as an excuse.

That occupation troops profit from the traffic was revealed when several British and Canadian soldiers got caught. As there is no Drug Enforcement Agency control between military airports, drug trafficking by the various armies is relatively easy. The heroin found in the NATO bases in Helmund and Kandahar in southern Afghanistan and flown to Brize Norton military base in the UK, was simply described as an isolated case. But in reality it is the tip of the iceberg, because the American soldiers are much more experienced in how to avoid getting caught.

The German press hinted that one of the main agencies in charge of NATO logistics is in league with the Albanian Mafia. Heroin is transported by military aircraft to Kosovo, where well known criminal leader and Prime Minister, Hashim Thaçi is in charge of trafficking operations. The New York Times revealed that Walid Karzai, the Afghan President’s brother is the principal drug trafficker in Kandahar province, and has been on the CIA’s payroll for years. As presumably has Bernard Kouchner, the ex French foreign minister, former governor of Kosovo, and founder of the NGO, ‘Médecins sans Frontières,’ who is a close friend of both Thaçi and Karzai.

The US military does not prevent drug production because it brings them at least 50 billion dollars a year. That it is their role to transport the drug was even revealed on Russian television in 2009. Already in 2008 the Russian press had revealed that heroin was transported to bases in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. The Guardian reported that drugs were hidden in the coffins of dead soldiers being flown home. Even the Huffington Post suggested that based on experiences in Vietnam and Central America, the CIA was repeating its illegal acts of transporting drugs for its allies in Afghanistan.

US historian Alfred McCoy, en expert on CIA involvement in drug trafficking over the past fifty years, believes that the sole reason for NATO’s presence in Afghanistan was the restoration of poppy production prohibited by the Mullah Omar, who was seeking international recognition for his Taliban regime. This theory was confirmed after the 2001 invasion when the production and sales of opium rose to way beyond their pre Taliban levels, the NATO troops refusing to fight against Afghan drug barons.

The reason for this stems from the corruption of our nation’s leaders, as well as slush funds for covert CIA operations. Or is it perhaps something more strategic which really does have a beneficial effect on security? The Director of the UN office against drugs and crime (UNODOC) has answered this question. The huge funds derived from money laundering and drug trafficking are what guarantees the survival of the American economic system. The bulk of the proceeds, an extremely impressive sum, is poured into the economy introducing a capital investment in the financial sector, under pressure because of the global crisis. Money derived from drugs trafficking is currently the only available investment capital, now used for interbank loans. Which means that a number of banks have been saved by illegal means. (Goldman Sachs perhaps!)

Afghanistan produced 370 tons of heroin in 2008. Not enough for the international market which could absorb even more. 12,000 tons of opium poppy extract are now stored in warehouses on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. (It takes 7 kilos of opium to make one kilo of heroin) According to UNODOC, the global economy of heroin was estimated at 64 billion dollars. Nearly 2.3 billion was paid to traffickers, and only 700 million to the poppy growers. 60% of the politicians are related to persons with an interest in the opium trade, (warlords, smugglers, and the people protecting them. Representatives of Afghanistan’s embryonic state, police, judges, governors, have been corrupted by the traffickers to facilitate transport and remove all obstacles. UNODOC estimated that 125 million dollars are taken by the Taliban in the form of fees for crop and transport protection. This is part of the money needed to purchase arms, pay fighters and corrupt those whose aid is needed. According to the DEA a kilo of heroin buys 15 Kalashnikov AKs

The UN reports that on top of the paradox of the Taliban profiting from what they had eradicated, there is a contradiction within NATO, that is creating a conflict between the war against terrorism and the struggle to prevent drug trafficking. There have been several cases of the CIA refusing to cooperate with the DEA. President Karzai is reported to have said, “we receive 100% of the blame, but only 2% of the revenues from this activity.”

When the poppy production was stopped in 2000 in Afghanistan, the production of opium was reduced by 90% by 2001. It was therefore decided by George Bush’s criminal government that the Taliban must fall, in spite of the good relations America had with the Mullah Omar and Oussama Ben Laden. The invasion was planned, and because the Taliban were also on good terms with China a very good excuse was required to start the war. It was then that the Neo-Cons (and their Israeli friends perhaps) planned the most disgraceful of all acts, which will no doubt go down in history as being among the most disgusting of any perpetrated by any of history’s many tyrants - the planned destruction of the World Trade Center in New York. (Only a congenital idiot believes the official report.)

The production was increased to 185 tons in 2002, and to 34,000 tons under the Karzai regime, Afghanistan’s US puppet government. He had been employed by a US oil company, and acted as a consultant and lobbyist in negotiations with the Taliban. The Saudi newspaper Al-Watan reported that Karzai was a secret agent of the CIA. After the Soviet-Afghan war (1979 -1989) when the opium production was virtually non existent, he had collaborated with the agency in furnishing arms to the Taliban in 1994, when the Americans secretly supported them, using Pakistan as a go between. Peshawar in Pakistan had been the base (Al-Qaeda) from which Oussama Ben Laden with US financial and military aid had forced the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Time magazine had revealed in 1991 that in the mid 80s the CIA presence in Islamabad was the largest in the world. Also that the US closed its eyes to Afghan drug trafficking. Alfred McCoy’s report reveals that within two years of the start of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan on the border region with Pakistan, Afghanistan had become a leading source of heroin, supplying 60% of US demand. When Al-Qaeda began gaining ground against the Soviets, the CIA encouraged the local peasants to plant poppies as a sort of revolutionary tax.

At the time the US refused to investigate several cases of drug trafficking by their Afghan allies. In 1995 the former head of CIA ops in Afghanistan, Charles Cogan admitted that they had replaced the cold war by the drug war. Laundered drug money was used by the CIA to fund post cold war insurrections in central Asia and the Balkans. The narcotics revenues were enormous, estimated by the UN at between 400 and 500 billion dollars. When the figures were made public in 1994, drugs were in second position with petrol after arms sales.

There are powerful financial and commercial interests behind the drug trade from a military and geopolitical standpoint. Protecting trade routes for drugs is as important as protecting oil and gas pipelines. Narcotics is therefore a major source of wealth not only for organized crime but for the US intelligence apparatus which constitutes an increasingly powerful player in banking spheres and finance. Therefore intelligence agencies and powerful business groups, allied with organized crime, are competing for control of the heroin traffic. Tens of billions of dollars have been deposited in the Western banking system

There is n doubt whatsoever that the greatest terrorist organization in this world is the American CIA. Here in France the axis of evil is considered to be the US, the United Kingdom and Israel. And, having detected that Obama is no more than a puppet in hands of a higher fascist authority, what terrifies us the most is the thought that if assassinations are arranged for Obama and Biden, (like what happened to Kennedy,) the evil neo-con criminals will once again take power with Robert Gates at their head.

NATO soldiers protecting poppy fields.

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