jeudi 27 janvier 2011

OBAMA - A flunky of the Antichrist with a peace prize

If I was a cartoonist I’d draw a picture of Barack Obama, dressed as a flunky, waving a large fan (with ‘peace prize’ written on it) over two seated people. One a general (Petraeus perhaps) burning a copy of the Geneva convention while shooting an innocent Muslim, and the other a banker (representing Goldman Sachs etc., the IMF and the World Bank), stamping on the world’s poor people while handing money to the rich (African heads of state for example). Unfortunately I’m not a good drawer, and so I can only use words to express what I think of the present ‘pre-apocalyptic’ situation.

For me the identity of the Antichrist could not be clearer. For the book of Revelation, being totally allegorical, suggests that the Beast, whose seven heads most probably represent the seven deadly sins, does not refer to a person at all, but rather to all those leading Godless lives. As all good Christians know, the WAY of Christ involves loving your enemy and having no love for personal possessions. Which, as we observe today’s world is what the vast majority are incapable of doing. Therefore it only requires a small amount of imagination to realize that the Antichrist is the military-financial system in which the behavior of bankers and army officers is in total opposition to the Word of God. The mark of the Beast being on all who favor this system, bearing in mind that the number 666 in recurring decimal form (10 X 2/3) is one that always falls short of 7, the Biblical number of perfection. 

Returning to Barack Obama and his premature peace prize, the American President has not only backed down on his election pledge to close Guantanamo, but has now refused to let suspects there be judged in the USA. Making the excuse that war is sometimes necessary to make peace, (Orwellian doublespeak) he increased the American military presence in Afghanistan, and has permitted drones to kill indiscriminately in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, thus disobeying the Geneva Convention. Without forgetting the investigations into G.I.s killing innocent civilians wherever they go, we have to say ‘Bravo, Mister President. Thanks for making a mockery of the Nobel committee’s stupid decision to give you a peace prize.”

Of course, Barack Obama isn’t really the most powerful man on earth, as people all around the world are now beginning to discover. He is nothing more than a puppet of the above mentioned ‘Godless’ system, as depicted in my cartoon. For having examined the President’s behavior since coming to office, I can only conclude that far from being the one who rules the roost, he is no more than a flunky in the presence of higher authorities. And yes, you’ve guessed it - if he doesn’t do what he’s told he’ll get a bullet in his head like JFK.

So what can we poor defenseless people do in the face of the Antichrist which is making us all imperfect and thus unfit to be considered for eternal life? Actually the New Testament tell us exactly what to do, but the problem is that no one nowadays pays it any attention, not even those who call themselves Christian. They think that simply being baptized and going to church is sufficient, whereas in reality the Bible tells us that the road to salvation is much more than that. Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except by me.” (John 14:6) Which means use ‘me’ as an example for your own lives. How many people do that? Very very few. I’ve met one of them, and what he has to say is as alarming as it is depressing for all who live in a perpetual state of sin.

This humble man, who gave everything he ever had away and is full of forgiveness for all who have harmed him, has said that God is calling the remnant to Him and cleansing their sins this very moment. The chosen ones whose path to perfection has been slowed down by continuing sin, are now being given a proverbial kick in the backside, suggesting that God’s patience with us weak willed egotistical mortals has reached its limit. Or should I perhaps say that God, who is perfectly just and never really angry, is now preparing the next stage of his plan for creation. Armageddon, Apocalypse, call it what you will; the truth is that is for the first time in 2000 years we can see the true nature of the Antichrist, and examine its destructive effect on the world we live in. So if you are among those getting poorer and poorer, consider it a blessing. For the Bible makes quick clear that the rich are unlikely to see the Kingdom of Heaven unless they change their ways. As there is no evidence that the super rich are about to do that, we can only conclude that the fate reserved for such people will be very nasty, if the book of Revelation is anything to go by.

My message to President Obama is therefore this. It is better to die a Christian martyr than a flunky of the Antichrist. Instead of saying, “God bless America,” every time you make a speech, beg God’s pardon for your nation’s sins, and ask for the necessary strength to do what you know to be right whatever it costs you personally.

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